Expert Clock Repair

Grandfather clocks can be some of the most difficult clocks to repair and require a professional with many years of experience. I have been repairing clocks since 1990.


My customers are located within 100 miles of Gastonia, NC.

I service new and used grandfather clocks of all makes.  In fact, I am the official Howard Miller and Sligh service center in this area.  I stock lots of replacement parts, but usually can find parts to the oldest and rarest clocks around.  I repair brass and wooden clock movements.

Clocks with brass movements should be lubricated every 2-3 years to keep the parts from experiencing accelerated wear.  I can recommend a schedule for you to keep your time piece working for many years to come.

Expert Clock Repair

714 Dogwood Street

Lowell, NC 28098

Tel: 704-824-4896